Modern structure and features with a classic style Superior performance, an ergonomic design for extreme comfort, quality components for long lifespan. The seating element was designed using the most recent innovations in the field of ergonomics. These design principles were used to determined the chair’s construction parameters, integrating a series of individual regulation mechanisms that allow users to adapt the chair to their personal needs. This product is compliant with the latest international standards.

General Description

Structure: polished, chromed or painted die-cast aluminium
Upholstery: mesh, fabric, leather
Tilt mechanism: synchronized and lockable in different positions with anti-shock unlock element
3D armrests: adjustable in height, width and depth or fixed in aluminium or plastic.

Formed from a single sheet of elastic material, tensioned over an extremely rigid and non-deformable perimeter structure, with several functional advantages.
It also offers several advantages compared to traditional upholstery materials. It is elastic and perfectly conforms to the contours of the user’s body, naturally and anatomically matching the movements. It is breathable, and will not increase body temperature even after hours of sitting. It does not warp in time, and maintains its features unchanged after a long period of use. A reduced number of components was used in making the seat element, and these are easily separated and sometimes recyclable.


In polished or chromed die-cast aluminium or black nylon.

The castors are in black plastic with a soft central element for use on parquet flooring, diam. 65 mm.

Height adjustment:
The lever under the seat is attached to the gas lift and is used to adjust seat height by a range of 14 cm.

Tilt mechanism
An intuitive and effective tilt mechanism that instantly follows the user’s movements.
The particularly forward rotation point reduces pressure on the lower limbs while the chair rocks, and the open angles of the seat (12.5°) and backrest (24°) comply with the latest ergonomic principles. The resulting effect is comfort and dynamic performance in any position.

Armrests can be fixed, in plastic and aluminium, or 3D. 3D armrests are height, width, and depth adjustable. Optional leather armrest covers.

Suggestions for use
This office chair must be used only as designated in compliance with general safety standards. This type of chair was designed to hold people of up to 110 kg of stationary weight and
for an average use of 8 hours per day, 5 days per week.